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Professional Association 
Sexual Addiction Treatment 
3433 American River Dr., Ste A
Sacramento, CA 95864

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Requirements for membership:  Mental health professional, chemical dependency professional, mental health or CD interns or students working or interested in the area of Sex & Love Addiction.

Membership duration:  September 1 through August 31 of each year.

Membership alone does not qualify you to be listed as an expert in Sex Addiction.

Cost:  $25.00 per year

To register, print out this page, fill in the registration form, and mail registration with check for $25.00 made out  to PASAT, Inc, 3433 American River Drive, Ste. A, Sacramento, CA 95864.

Registration Form:



City_____________________State _________Zip_________

Phone #____________________

E-Mail address____________________________

Category:  Mental Health Professional; CD Professional; Intern; student.

Meetings are held 9:30 am - 11:30 am on the Third Saturday of January, March, May, July, September, and November at Lifestar, 8261 Greenback Ln,Ste. 100, Fair Oaks, CA 95628.

For more information, call Linda Paoli LCSW at 916-972-7831 or George Peckham MFT at 916-420-6388.

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